About Us


BOSCOGEN®, INC. Received a Presidential “E”
Award for Exports in 2012

BOSCOGEN®, Inc. is dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of premium quality nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and herbals. Our long term experience and expertise gives us the edge in researching and developing innovative products and unrivaled excellence.

Our mission is to achieve and maintain a role as a leading business entity in the communities of the world. Principles of honesty, integrity and dignity are applied to the entire BOSCOGEN®, Inc. family which is comprised of suppliers, distributors, retailers, employees, and most importantly, our consumers. Our intention is to provide truly fine quality products that deliver the promise stated on the label at a marketable and competitive price. Our company takes tremendous pride in the quality of its products and the integrity of its performance.

Now we are proud to distribute both LYNAE® and BOSCOGEN® brands to more than 54 countries around the world. Our carefully select ingredients will enhance your health and bring benefits to your overall well being.

LYNAE® Brand Food Supplement Products

We offer a high quality brand of nutritional supplements and herbal products to meet consumer needs. Balanced by nature, our vitamins and supplements contain essential nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. We are constantly introducing new products as we evolve with the demand of the market. Our entire line is manufactured in our on-site, state of the art facility. As an experienced exporter of these products, we continue to look for distributors worldwide that are interested in a business partnership with us.